Photogrammetry and Mapping

Photogrammetry and MappingT3’s production staff has accomplished a wide range of photogrammetric stereo capture and mapping in support of engineering, defense, facilities management, planning and GIS.

We capture data in a wide range of scales and accuracy. We have successfully completed and delivered, on time, thousands of projects. T3’s stereo compilers have over 20 years of experience performing photogrammetric compilation. All personnel that work on contracted projects have been properly trained and have a minimum of 10 years of stereo and mapping operations service on softcopy, analytical and analog plotters. T3 follows a rigid set of operating procedures to ensure product accuracy, uniformity, completeness and timeliness. We routinely setup and capture 3D detail at a vertical accuracy at map scale of .15 feet RMSE. We compile low and high level mapping in support of facilities management, mining operations, environmental engineering, county GIS planning and 911 emergency responses.

  • Analog and Digital Aerial Imagery Acquisition
    • Black and White ,Color, Infrared,
    • Airborne GPS/IMU
    • Helicopter and Fixed Wing Acquisition Platforms
  • Satellite Imagery Acquisition , Analysis, and Capture (Geo-Eye-1)
  • Image Analysis
  • Softcopy Photogrammetric Extraction
  • Aerial Triangulation
  • Topographic and Planimetric Mapping
  • Digital Orthophotography ( True Orthophotography)
  • Transportation Design Mapping (Low Altitude High Accuracy)
  • Floodplain and Storm Water Mapping
  • Municipal and Planning Mapping
  • GIS Base Mapping, Updating, and Design
  • Data Conversion Services (Utilities, Parcel Mapping and Energy)
  • Data Customization (AEC, NCS, SDSFIE, Client)
  • Metadata Development
  • Field Survey and Mapping Integration
  • Cross Sections, Profiles, Volumes, Slope Analysis
  • Outsourced Mapping, QA/QC, and Accuracy Testing
  • 3D Building Modeling
  • AutoCAD/Microstation/ArcGIS